Featured Dog

  • This old dog knows tricks!

    This old dog knows tricks!

    Well hello there! My name’s Chongo. I’ve been told it means monkey. I don’t think I look much like a monkey, but it’s my name and I love it. I know I’m a big dog coming in at a whopping 74 pounds but don’t let my size fool you. I am nothing more then a […]Read More »
  • Adopted-Tank’s Time to Shine!

    Adopted-Tank’s Time to Shine!

    Meet Tank! He is a loving and loyal pup who enjoys belly rubs and cuddle time. He would prefer to choose his own dog friends and doesn’t care for cats, but will simply adore his humans . Tank doesn’t know much in the way of tricks and commands but he knows his basic ‘Sit’ command, […]Read More »

Featured Cat

  • Adopted! Ziggy has a zest for life

    Adopted! Ziggy has a zest for life

    Ziggy is nearly perfect! He is quite affectionate, he loves to play, and has the most excellent cattitude! He has our family friendly rating, too. Way to go, Ziggy! He does have FeLV, which is not his fault and does not make him any less loveable…let’s prove that to him by finding him his new […]Read More »
  • Lovely Lucy!

    Lovely Lucy!

    I could use some help getting healthier- how about it? You can make sure I get the right amount of food and that I get my steps in every day! hahaha! I have an autoimmune disease that affects my skin. My condition is managed with medication. The thought of an autoimmune disease might sound scary but it hasn’t slowed me down. I […]Read More »

Featured Critter

  • Rupert & his brother Rex

    Rupert & his brother Rex

    My brother Rex and I are a couple of clowns! We love to explore and play with our toys. When we are not snuggling together, you can find us climbing all over our cage, we are full of energy! Yogurt drops and fresh fruit are some of our favorite treats, we might even learn some […]Read More »
  • Meet Penelope!

    Meet Penelope!

    Hi My name is Penelope and I am a female Rex rabbit and I am 1 years old. Come meet me and talk to shelter staff about care and my spunky personality. Here are some things you should know and to help you prepare for my arrival! Penelope is a spunky, curious and treat-demanding bunny! […]Read More »

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