Featured Dog

  • Meet Blaze

    Meet Blaze

    Blaze is basically just a large puppy. He needs some training on working with his manners, such as personal space and learning his own size and strength. But he is a quick learner and already knows a lot of basic commands like sit, down, stay, come, shake, and his name. He is good with other […]Read More »
  • Meet Conroy-Adopted!

    Meet Conroy-Adopted!

    Are you looking for a companion who loves to play and is eager to be with you? Meet Conroy. He is a rottweiler mix who came to us as a stray. Conroy gets along well with some dogs, he would like to choose his own dog friends in this regard. His enthusiasm for play is […]Read More »

Featured Cat

  • Lovely Lucy!

    Lovely Lucy!

    I could use some help getting healthier- how about it? You can make sure I get the right amount of food and that I get my steps in every day! hahaha! I have an autoimmune disease that affects my skin. My condition is managed with medication. The thought of an autoimmune disease might sound scary but it hasn’t slowed me down. I […]Read More »
  • Macey & Alyce-Adopted!

    Macey & Alyce-Adopted!

    Macey (pictured, what a silly character) & I lost our family recently- we lived with them since I was just a youngster so it has been an adjustment! Our previous family moved and were unable to take us with them- such a bummer! Let me tell you a little about myself. I am friendly with […]Read More »

Featured Critter

  • Meet Penelope!

    Meet Penelope!

    Hi My name is Penelope and I am a female Rex rabbit and I am 1 years old. Come meet me and talk to shelter staff about care and my spunky personality. Here are some things you should know and to help you prepare for my arrival! Penelope is a spunky, curious and treat-demanding bunny! […]Read More »
  • 6 young rats-Adopted!

    6 young rats-Adopted!

    Meet Waffles, Lenny, Cherry, Oak, Leaf and Maple our new rats! Rats have plenty of personality! Rats are very friendly, affectionate and can be trained. Teaching your rat new tricks can be educational for the whole family. Rats are low maintenance-Rats are naturally clean creatures, they keep their cage neat and tidy. Rats are inexpensive pets and don’t require a […]Read More »

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