Animal Care Report

Sheboygan County Humane Society is proud to show how successful our life saving programs have been. SCHS is an private open admission shelter. Open admission meaning no homeless animal is turned away; annually we shelter up to 2,500 abused, abandoned, neglected, stray and surrendered animals. Private meaning we are not funded by tax dollars; our daily operations are supported through donations, bequests, adoptions, services, grants and fundraising efforts. It is lifesaving programs, dedicated staff & volunteers that help us succeed each year. Our mission is the prevention of currently to animals, the relief of suffering among animals and the extension of humane education. SCHS relies on the support of community to continue in our life saving efforts; together we can make a difference in the community that we love.

Our live saving programs have increased our annual save rate by 58% over the last 5 years! Help in our movement towards a no-kill nation; it means that healthy or treatable pets will not be killed for making space in shelters. A 90 percent save rate is the general threshold for cities to be considered no-kill. At the end of 2017, SCHS achieved an 89% save rate!

Visit Best Friends for more information on the No-Kill movement

Each year we learn how to grow, expand and change our processes to improve the quality in the lives of the animals that we touch. Our continued efforts are towards decreasing stress, decreasing length of stay, increasing adoptions and providing fundamental & educational programs & services to community members. SCHS is here to create life long bonds between people and animals.

Our live saving programs include:

Asilomar reports:

SCHS compassionately cares about all animals that enter our shelter; unfortunately, we do have to make the difficult decision to euthanize. We do not take this decision lightly and all animals are reviewed by our veterinary care team. At SCHS we do not euthanize for space or age. We have successfully treated many animals with a variety of conditions and illnesses including but not limited to: ringworm, heartworm, leg amputations, skin infections, allergies, dehydration and upper respiratory infections.

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