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Breanna Rae Photography

Breanna Rae Photography & Design is a Sheboygan, Wisconsin photographer and graphic designer who frequently travels to Milwaukee. She is based in the Sheboygan County area. She seeks to capture personality in a unique and creative way specializing in pet, dog, and car photography.

About  Breanna:

Shelter Shots is a pro bono project to help shine a light on shelter pets.

Every week I volunteer at the Sheboygan County Humane Society photographing the pets for their online profiles on and the local newspapers it hopes to give them more exposure and a better chance at finding a home. Many of these photos I share regularly on my Facebook page.

I started volunteering at the shelter in the beginning of 2008. I cleaned cages and often times socialized with the little critters (rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, etc). One of the board members noticed how well I did with the “little guys” and asked if I would bring them to the monthly mobile adoption events. I loved the chance to get out into the community and educate people on the critters that many people do not thing end up in shelters. It wasn’t long until I began to photograph animals at the shelter for fun as well.

In early 2011, I became the shelter’s “full time” photographer and now I volunteer weekly, photographing, editing, and preparing photos of the pets to increase their chance of chance of adoption!

I also volunteer with special event photo fundraisers like Pet Photos with Santa or Valentine’s Day photos. I’ve volunteered my time with various mobile adoptions, dog walks, and events as well as with small things like office work, making flyers, etc. I’ve fostered several kittens, rabbits, and little critters too!

Adopt Me!

Every week I share photos of adoptable animals on Facebook to help the individual animal in the photo find a home and also help promote adoption!

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