Friends of SCHS

A true friend is someone who sticks by you when you are down and celebrates with you when you are up. It's someone you trust. It is someone who understands you, knows the "real you," and appreciates who you are.

Animals are perhaps the most loving and devoted friends we will know in our lives. They give us joy, loyalty, companionship, and affection. They comfort us when we need it most.

All animals deserve the same kindness in return, and the pets at SCHS are no exception. They need friends who will stand by them through thick and thin. So, we've replaced the term "Member" with "Friend" in our annual drive!

When you become a Friend of SCHS, you're instantly befriending every pet at the shelter. You are ensuring that they receive medical care, that they are fed, and kept safe and warm. You are someone who helps to find forever homes for these loving and deserving pets.

SCHS is a private open admission shelter; meaning no homeless animal is turned away and we are not funded by city or county tax dollars. Our support comes from the community through donations, bequests, grants, fundraising efforts and program services. SCHS is a 501(c)3 non-profit humane organization; your donation is tax deductible. 




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