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Preparing Pets For Baby

Bringing home your newborn for the first time can be a huge adjustment for your pet. New boundaries being set and attention being split can make this a challenging time on everyone involved. Making sure your pet is adjusted and ready to be introduced to your baby beforehand will lead to an easier transition once your little one is brought home.

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Bringing Baby Home & Introducing Your Cat

Cats, just like humans, are creatures of habit. A huge change like bringing a baby home for the first time can make your feline feel very uneasy and skittish. Making sure you prepare your cat and yourself before bringing your newborn home will allow your cat to feel much more comfortable when the big day arrives.

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Kids & Pets

Bringing a pet into the life of a child can be a highly beneficial experience for both parties involved. However, it should be a thoroughly thought out decision as to when the child is at an appropriate age to do so.

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How Kids Can Help

Fundraising can be a fun and rewarding  way to show your support for Sheboygan County Humane Society. The great thing is that kids can get on the fun too! Here are some ways kids can hold their own fundraisers to benefit SCHS:

  • Lemonade or crafts stands: Sell lemonade, handmade crafts and even painted rocks in your neighborhood
  • Birthday parties: ask guests to bring donations for SCHS in lieu of (or in addition to) birthday gifts
  • Dog wash: hold a neighborhood dog wash and offer to clean-up your neighbor's pups! Just remember safety when interacting with dogs you don't know well. And always keep an adult nearby!
  • Ice cream social: beat the summer heat while supporting a good cause. Check out this article full of tips on organizing your ice cream social fundraiser -
  • Tye-die party: All you need are plain white tees, clothing dye and your imagination! Invite people to bring donations and make custom shirts. How cool is that?!
  • Penny war: Check out this link to learn how a penny war works. It's typically done during the school year between classrooms/grades.


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