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When we think of heroes, we often envision someone rescuing a child from a burning building, someone braving icy and turbulent waters to save a swimmer or boater in trouble, or someone rushing to the scene of a car crash to offer assistance. To our cats and dogs at the SCHS Shelter and in the Adoption Centers at PetSmart – Sheboygan and Grafton, though, heroes are the faithful volunteers who come in each week to walk and run with the dogs, clean the cat cages, scoop litter boxes, fill food and water dishes, brush with gentle strokes, cuddle and play!


**Because of the time and resources put into training and the need for consistant care for the pets, we ask each volunteer to be able to commit to 2 hours per week for at least a 3 month timeframe

If you're interested in becoming a hero to homeless pets and are able to fill one of the needs above, start by applying online below. 

*You will be required to accept our Volunteer Insurance Waiver and Confidentiality Agreement prior to creating an account and completing the application.

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Ways to Volunteer

The shelter has a number of committees where volunteers lend a hand by organizing volunteers and fundraising events. Create or become part of committee today by becoming a lead volunteer. Lead volunteers focus on a specialized area of the shelter such as kids programs, cleaning, socializing, tours and fundraising. The Sheboygan County Humane Society is largely funded by fundraisers that are held throughout the year. Volunteers help work at these events by planning and organizing our fundraisers. They constantly look for new and creative ways to increase our revenue, so that we can continue to accomplish our mission.
Help assist office staff with greeting the public, filing paperwork, data entr
y, entering animal bios and office upkeep.
Assist the shelter staff in caring for and socializing our cats. The volunteers groom, cuddle, and play with the cats and kittens and in general ensure that our animals get attention and affection while they wait for their forever home. Due to the overwhelming positive responses cat cuddling is full until further notice.
Assist the shelter staff with dog walking, obedience, play and socialization while providing a structured environment.

Our lead dog volunteer trains volunteers to understand the importance and discipline in their volunteer role. Volunteers will work with experienced dog walkers to learn proper handling and walking techniques. New volunteers must have 10 logged hours with trained volunteers before working individually with the dogs. Trained volunteers can also take adoptable dogs to special events.

mod squad group photoSaving Lives through a volunteer based behavior program.

The Mod Squad Program is a volunteer-driven dog behavior modification and training program. Mod Squad volunteers work directly with shelter dogs in need of behavior intervention.

Work one-on-one with the dogs to:

  • Correct behavior issues
  • Relieve stress
  • Build positive bonds with people
  • Enrich the lives of shelter dogs through Telling TTouch and obedience training
  • Help them succeed in life
  • Allow reprieve from stressful situations
  • Reset the mind to allow learning and positive reaction

What You Need:

  • Dedication
    • Must be an active dog walker for 3 months to join.
    • 2 hours minimum for each week!
    • 2 years of commitment to the program!
  • Open Mind
    • There will be a lot of trial and error!
    • Things will change!
    • Adjustments are sometimes necessary!
  • Love of dogs
    • You will work with many!
    • Some dogs will be easier than others!
  • Patience
    • Your skills will take time to learn and there will always be more to learn!
    • The dogs are stressed and sometimes take time to learn or respond to work!
  • Understanding and Acceptance
    • Not every dog will succeed in the program even though we do all we can
    • Some dogs will be transferred out or sent to rescue, this is the best option for them
    • You will bond with these dogs and become attached, so will their family when we say farewell

Volunteers are strongly encouraged to apply. Potential applicants must be an active dog walker for 3 months to be considered for the program. Some experience with dog training is a plus but is not required. Members must be at least 18 years of age and have their own transportation.

For questions, applications or
more information at:
Subject: Mod Squad

The cat areas at both PetSmart locations (Sheboygan, Grafton) are run entirely by volunteers. Duties include: cleaning litter pans, keeping bedding clean, feeding and watering, cuddling and playing with the cats, keeping an eye on cat health and reporting any possible illness or injury, and providing information to prospective adopters. Volunteers are needed every day of the week helping with morning or afternoon shifts. Volunteers keep this adoption opportunity available for SCHS and are critical to the success.
Mobile Adoption & Special Events & Fundraising

Help animals get adopted on the go! Bring adoptable animals to PetSmart adoption events, fundraisers, assisted living facilities & various businesses. Special events & fundraisers are hosted by SCHS staff, volunteers, businesses and community groups throughout the year. These events help raise money and awareness about the vital work we do. This is a good opportunity for those who want to volunteer on a limited basis. Would you like to help and learn about different opportunities?

Volunteers are vital to help staff maintain the workload of caring for over 2,500 animals each year. Help SCHS staff with daily chores including dishes and laundry, cat cage cleaning, critter cage cleaning, dog kennel cleaning and feeding. Proper sanitation helps prevent the spread of illness and diseases and promotes a healthy environment for our adoptees! Come make a difference today!
The Shelter has a volunteer board of directors that is elected by Association members. This board holds regular meetings to establish the policies and operational guidelines of the Association.
Lawn-MowingSCHS now owns 12.1 acres! We are in need volunteers to help with lawn care, mowing and trimming around our properties. Various outdoor and maintenance projects come up during the year, if you are handy and love to help this is the place for you!

Project Volunteering

Are you looking for a short-term volunteering opportunity for a group project or education experience? Opportunities include groundskeeping, shelter clean up and storage organization. You or your group could be just the people we need to help us with these tasks!

Learn more and complete an application here

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