Adoption Ambassador Program

foster-dogSheboygan County Humane Society joined the ASPCA’s Adoption Ambassador Program!

The Adoption Ambassadors program is simple yet powerfully effective: a shelter empowers volunteers to foster a pet, promote the animal in their community, identify potential adopters, and finalize the adoption process. Research done by the ASPCA has shown that this type of program results in reaching a new pool of adopters and in lower return rates than traditional shelter adoptions. Not only are lives saved, but space, time and resources are freed up at shelters and rescues, allowing staff and volunteers to care more animals in need.


Adoption Ambassador Job Description


  • Feed, socialize, groom, train and provide medication if needed
  • Take to events and approved locations to find new owner
  • Interview prospective owners and facilitate the adoption
  • Provide positive reinforcement techniques
  • Provide positive human interaction – petting, brushing, love
  • Observe animal’s health, behavior and attend to his needs
  • Report on animal’s condition, questions or concerns to SCHS
  • Keep foster until he/she is adopted when possible
  • Process and complete the adoption (including collection of fees and transferring ownership)



  • Able to provide a safe, loving and stable environment
  • Ability to provide care to animal
  • Willing to nurse injuries/illnesses – have common sense and patience
  • Able to transport the animal to and from the shelter, events and approved locations
  • Self-motivated and able make appropriate judgment calls
  • Willing to maintain communication with SCHS and ask questions when needed
  • Possesses good communication skills
  • Able to open conversations with prospective owner to facilitate adoptions and to be honest about the animal’s behavior and needs

Join the movement today and join the Adoption Ambassador Foster Team!

All foster parents must:

  • Fill out a detailed application below.
  • Understand, and agree with, the foster program's goals.
  • Meet the SCHS's fostering/adoption standards.
  • Prove that owned pets are sterilized, vaccinated, and well cared for.

Fill out the online foster application below.



Online Foster Application

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