Become a Foster Parent

Here at SCHS we have many animals in need of love and one on one care. If you have a home with or without pets and want to give an adoptable pet a place to stay, become a foster parent!

Our expectation of a foster home is that it provides adequate care to the animals it fosters. Dogs require fencing or supervision when outside and cats should be confined indoors during their stay. The SCHS will cover veterinary expenses if needed. All animals being fostered remain the property of the Sheboygan County Humane Society; any adoptions of fostered animals must go through SCHS. Fostering - It can save animals' lives!

Whether you are helping a kitten or puppy too small to exist by itself, aiding a sick animal until it recovers, or simply giving a pet who is "losing it" (from being too many days in a cage with not enough quality time with a person) a break in routine, a temporary stay at your home can literally save a pet's life. Please consider taking in a pet for a few days to a week, or longer. They will love you for it!

If you would be interested in fostering an animal or animals please read on. This page describes our fostering program and tells you how to contact us to become a foster "parent". It is our hope that we will be able to place animals in foster homes until a permanent home can be found for them. Fostering requires the type of person who can take home a needy animal to care for, bond with, and then return to the shelter.

All foster parents must:

  1. Fill out a detailed application
  2. Understand, and agree with, the foster program's goals
  3. Meet the SCHS's fostering/adoption standards
  4. Prove that owned pets are sterilized, vaccinated, and well cared for

Foster Manual

How to care for neonate kittens

If you are interested in learning more and becoming a foster parent, please complete the online form below.

Online Foster Application

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