Stretch & Scratch Toys for Cats

Cat Stretch and Scratch toys are a simple but fun way to entertain and exercise confined shelter cats. The corrugated cardboard pad is hung on the enclosure door or wall (off the floor for easy cleaning of the enclosure), and, as you can see by the photos of one of the cats here at SCHS playing with his Stretch and Scratch, these are really popular with our feline guests!

They are suitable for use by both adult cats and kittens, and greatly reduce stress levels by allowing the animals to perform natural behaviors: stretching their muscles, scratching to clean their nails, and scent marking with paws.

Each cat and kitten who stays with SCHS gets his/ her own Stretch and Scratch, and the toys go home with each adopted feline. As you can imagine, since SCHS shelters about 1,600 cats/kittens a year, we use a lot of these toys!

The makers of Stretch and Scratch will allow SCHS supporters to order 12, 25, or 50 Scratchers and have them sent directly to our shelter. Since a portion of Stretch and Scratch proceeds are used to provide free beds to animal shelters, you'll be donating twice!

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