Who We Are

The Sheboygan County Humane Society was established in 1964. We are an "Open Admissions Shelter", meaning no homeless animal is ever turned away. We shelter 2,500 homeless animals every year, and we are not funded by any tax dollars. The SCHS is a 501c3 organization and donations are tax-deductible.

Our Mission

The prevention of cruelty to animals,
the relief of suffering among animals,
and the extension of humane education.

50 Years of Service

In the early 1960's, Carol Knier, Ann Fredricks, Sophie Gunther and a group of dedicated volunteers set out to deal with handling the overpopulation of companion animals in Sheboygan County after learning that the City of Sheboygan was euthanizing unwanted animals by using carbon monoxide poisoning from the exhaust systems of City vehicles.

These dedicated volunteers and a group of devoted supporters went about fundraising door-to-door, pleading with the city and the county to help them out, and doing the extensive paperwork to start a non-profit organization. In 1964, the physical shelter became a reality because of their extensive efforts. For years, the shelter was run strictly by the volunteer efforts of this group, which consisted of dedicated lawyers, veterinarians, and laypersons, plus three devoted high school girls.

They each worked one of three shifts per day and everyone worked 365 days per year. Dogs were sold for $10.00 each. The income was used to buy necessities for the shelter. Eventually, SCHS was able to hire paid staff.

The present shelter looks very much as it did in the early 70’s and its mission remains the same. Starting with a long-term commitment by a handful of people, SCHS remains a haven to the homeless and unwanted animals in Sheboygan County to this day.

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